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Anxiety and Stress | Hilary McMeeking | Counselling in Cheltenham

Anxiety & Stress

Do you long for a time when you fall asleep the moment your head hits the pillow? Can you remember what it's like to wake up refreshed? Anxiety and stress can keep your thoughts racing day and night, it sometimes feels like there is no relief and you can easily feel overwhelmed. Sometimes a feeling of dread or panic turns up unexpectedly out of nowhere, it can feel like life is a mountain to endlessly climb. ​Anxiety can feel as if it runs you, as though you don't have control over your life anymore. Maybe once you could manage it, or feel fine at times, then at other times it feels hard to cope. You might ask yourself "Am I going mad?"​ which is a scary thought in itself. 


Stress can make you irritable and snap at someone or something that you once may have handled. Being on a 'short fuse' may happen more often than you'd like.


If you have come here for help that's great because it is possible to relieve the symptoms of anxiety and even get to the original source, in order to understand yourself better and reassure yourself that you are not going mad.


There are many causes for anxiety but some might be:

  • Past childhood experiences eg. CEN, physical and/or emotional abuse, neglect

  • Loss of a parent/loved one

  • Your current life situation eg: work stress or burnout 

  • Unemployment

  • Being bullied 

Some symptoms can be:

  • Faster breathing

  • Problems sleeping

  • Teeth grinding

  • Panic Attacks

  • Sweating

  • Fast heartbeat

  • Nausea

  • Churning in your stomach

  • Backaches and headaches


There are many causes of stress but some may be:

  • Work related

  • Life changes

  • Difficulties in personal life

  • Loneliness

Symptoms of stress include

  • Feeling overwhelmed

  • Irritability

  • Feeling worried, anxious or scared

  • Difficulty sleeping

  • Lack of self confidence

  • Racing thoughts

  • Difficulty concentrating


Do any of these symptoms feel familiar?


You may know when these anxious feelings started, or they may have seemingly come out of nowhere and you don't know what is triggering them. Counselling can help you work out how to deal with them as well as find the cause. You may have suffered from these symptoms all your life, or they may have just knocked you sideways. Clients have sometimes expressed that they feel like "something is wrong with them" and that they are not "in sync" with what they logically know to be a 'safe' situation. Anxiety and stress can be immensely debilitating, but counselling can support you to manage these symptoms and understand them.  


We can all feel these symptoms at times but when it becomes unmanageable it's important to get help. Below is a link to my contact page where you can email me with any questions you have or ask for a free 30 minute session to see if you'd like to work together to find your triggers and develop a tool-kit to help you gain more control over your life.​​

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