Pebble Beach


Q. I'd like to book an appointment, what do I do?

A. Call or email me and we can arrange a convenient time for you to come, with some evening slots available. If you call when I am with a client I will be unavailable to take your call, so leave a message and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

Q. What will my first session be like? 

A. It is important to feel safe and comfortable with me so this is a no obligation session where you will have the opportunity to say something about why you want to come to counselling, as well as what you'd like to get out of our time together. You can ask any questions you might have and I can let you know what to expect from future sessions. So this is an opportunity to get to know each other a little and see if we think we can work together. We will have up to 45 minutes and the first session will be free of charge.

Q. How much do you charge for each session?

A. Sessions cost £45 for an hour (Payable by BACs in advance)


Q. How long will my sessions be?


A. After the first session, each session is an hour long. Counselling works best with regular attendance and it is important that you can set aside an hour a week for yourself, in order to get the most out of our time together.

Q. How many sessions will I need?

A. This depends on each individual, what you would like to work on and where the work takes us. Person Centred Counselling is not a quick fix but because of this it is more lasting and effective. The average length of time for a client would be between 12 and 20 sessions however sometimes clients come for much longer than this. 

Q. Is everything we talk about confidential?

A. Yes, this is a confidential space, the only exceptions are:

  • If you are disclosing that you are thinking about harming yourself or others

  • If you believe a child or protected adult is at risk of harm

  • If you disclose an act of terrorism

I will discuss breaking confidentiality with you before I do so in the above circumstances.

As part of my ethical code of practice I see a supervisor once a month where I discuss my case load. No identifying information will be shared.

Q. What if I need to cancel my appointment?

A. I will need at least 24 hours notice of cancelation otherwise a £45 fee will be applied. If, for example, you have a holiday booked I'd appreciate as much notice as possible. 

Q. What happens if I'm late?

A. You can still come for what time is left of the session but I will still need to close at the prearranged time if I have clients afterwards.

Q. What is Person Centred Counselling?

A. Person Centred therapy is a humanistic, client lead approach. The therapist acts as a compassionate facilitator, listening without judgment and acknowledging the client’s experience without moving the conversation in another direction. The therapist is there to encourage and support the client and to guide the therapeutic process without interrupting or interfering with the client’s process of self-discovery.

Q. What's it all about?

A. It is my belief that psychological distress occurs when a person looses sight of themselves. This can result in anxiety and lead to feelings of worthlessness, lack of direction and hope.

Q. Will it be difficult?

A. Sometimes counselling feels difficult and things can get worse before they get better but I am trained to hold the space for you and journey through alongside you so you won't be alone on your chosen path.

Q. What should I expect?

A. Person centred therapy is talk therapy where the client does most of the talking. I will not judge or try to interpret what you say, but may restate your words in an attempt to fully understand your thoughts and feelings. When you hear your own words repeated back to you, you may then wish to self-edit and clarify your meaning. This helps you decide whether you have expressed exactly what you are thinking and how you feel and we can work together with these thoughts and feelings in order to move forwards. I will use sensitive challenge and questions to help you focus on what you would like to achieve from the session and your time in counselling as a whole. This client-focused process facilitates your self-discovery, self-acceptance, and is a gentle journey toward healing and positive growth.