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Individual Counselling

I understand how important it is to feel heard and talk about some of the most meaningful things in your life. You can bring anything to counselling here, including things that may be hard for you to talk about in other settings or things that you may have not spoken about to anyone else before; everything is welcome.


I am a fully qualified counsellor, trained to actively listen to you without judgment. I am able to be there for you to feel heard and accepted for who you are. Hearing yourself saying things out loud, sometimes for the first time, can be a relief in itself. However that can be just the beginning of your journey towards learning to better understand yourself, feeling more  positive, less stressed and more able to cope with your life.

In the counselling room, which is a safe, comfortable and confidential space, you can express how you feel, find your voice and make your own choices. We will go at your own pace and build a trusting relationship to help you work out what you want and what steps you can take to get there, enabling you to make sense of things that might feel wrong in your life. Working together in this way you can find your motivation again and recover your joy.

We will work towards helping you manage difficult feelings and begin to understand how they developed and where they came from. You may discover the negative patterns that keep you from doing the things you'd like to do in life and find out what you need to do to overcome these patterns. You may find that you become aware of a greater self understanding and find out what you really want in life, rather than be what others expect you to be.

You can discover how to communicate your needs more effectively so you feel more comfortable asking for them to be met or perhaps to say 'no' sometimes. You may start to feel less anxious in social situations. With counselling, it is possible to become more in touch with yourself and to start to feel more positive. 


Here, you are in control of the process, you can chose where you want to start, how much therapy you want to do and what changes you want to make in your life. I am here to support you though all these stages, to help you find the things that aren't working for you and help you work out how to go about making life start to feel better and more manageable as you move towards finding a more positive future.

I once said to my therapist, after a particularly hard week, "I wish I could just fix all of my problems and move on to live a normal life" and he looked at me and said "There is no finish line".

The finish line does not exist. Instead, everyone has a capacity for recovery. You may never rid yourself of whatever causes you pain, but you will move miles from where you started.

Be proud of yourself for every step you take.


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