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Counselling in Cheltenham anxiety

Tips for your Anxiety Tool Kit

When that anxious feeling starts to take hold and there is potential for it to become overwhelming, here are some 'quick fix' suggestions you might like to try.


Some take only a little time and can be done in public, for example at work, without anyone really noticing so they can be useful emergency solutions when you are 'out and about'.


Others take a little more time. They are designed to move your thoughts to calmer places, losing yourself in less stressful activities:

  • Sip a glass of ice cold water slowly, notice each mouthful and how it feels in your mouth before swallowing.

  • Write about how you feel, it could just be a jumble of words or it could be a letter to yourself.

  • Take some slow deep breaths, remembering to breathe out fully after each one. Do about 5 and see if it helps.

  • Find a positive distraction, a funny video clip or film if you have time.

  • Listen to something soothing, music or part of an audio book.

  • Create something, a picture, a poem or make a cake.

  • Go outside. Walk for a few minutes and notice how the ground is feeling under your feet. Slow your breath. Then notice what you can see, birds you can hear, things you can smell. Notice the feeling of the air on your skin, is it hot, cold or just right? 

  • Know and remind yourself that you can take one step at a time, you don't have to rush or do everything at once, it's your life and you can take control.

  • Give yourself big a hug. Wrap yourself tight in a blanket and reassure yourself that everything will pass.

  • Ask for help...Call a crisis line, call your counsellor or a trusted friend. Connection to people we trust is a great healer.

If you're interested in trying counselling to help you with your feelings or you feel you need some extra help to cope and understand what's going on for you, contact me below.

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