Hilary McMeeking

Counselling in Cheltenham

You don't have to work things out alone,

whatever you bring, everything is welcome.

You are welcome.

  • Do you feel empty, or that your emotions are overwhelming you?

  • Have you lost the feeling that you know who you really are?

  • Perhaps you are you struggling to find enjoyment in life or lacking motivation to do things you once enjoyed?

  • Can you say how you really feel in your relationships or do you go along with what others want and then feel resentful?

Experiences in life can sometimes prevent us from living as fully as we would like to or in the way we wish. We can feel confused and stuck, unable to move forward and take charge of our lives.

I offer one to one counselling in a private, confidential and safe space. This can help you explore and understand your experiences, your feelings and your thoughts. It can help you consider and deal with the dilemmas and decisions you face. It can help you understand your patterns, to see new perspectives for your future and to regain the confidence to make the changes you want to.


When life feels a bit more difficult than usual and it's hard to find anyone to talk to who will listen without giving you unwanted advice or judgement, it is necessary to feel supported and properly heard. I am here for you; if you feel empty, if you are feeling anxious and stressed or feeling that something just doesn't feel good right now. I will support you through it all, towards feeling better in yourself, less stressed and more able to cope

You can find out more about how I can help you and my approach here.

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Emotional difficulties can be caused by changes in our life like relationship problems and breakups, as well as bereavement, work stress and job loss, but often too they are related to our childhood experiences. Lockdown, can also bring up old feelings of isolation and trauma. Together we can explore how these feelings have developed and gain some clarity and understanding in order for you to move forward.


As your counsellor I will

  • Support you in working things out that you want to bring

  • Recognise you are the expert on your own life

  • Remember that only you know what is best for you

  • Work with you to work out how to make the difficult stuff easier to live with

  • Give you room to access your own wisdom

As your counsellor I won't


  • Give you advice

  • Try to tell what to do or 'fix' you

  • Pretend I know more about you than you do

  • Make all the difficult stuff go away

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The only constant in life is change


What clients have said...

"Thank you so much, you've really helped me feel better and helped me make some difficult decisions." 

(female client)

"Very gentle,

very approachable and


(male client)

"You were there to talk through some very tough episodes and felt like the rock I needed and the calm in the storm. I cannot believe what progress we made over a few months and how much better I felt about myself at the end of our sessions."

(female client)
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